Best Print Advertisements of 2021

January 13, 2023
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Bonus Track

Despite the rise of digital marketing, print ads continue to be an important part of the advertising mix. The best print advertisements tell a compelling story by bringing your brand into the physical world via magazine ads, posters, flyers, and billboards. Using the right combo of creative assets and messaging, your ad can be as memorable as a meal at your favorite restaurant. And when you get the execution right, you’ll end up with some of the best adverts.

Studies show that print is increasingly effective at delivering new customers to brand advertisers. One reason may be that consumers trust print ads more than digital advertising channels. However, campaigns perform the best when print and digital marketing efforts are combined.

Throughout the years, we've seen some of the best brand advertising. Today, we've identified three of the best print ads of 2021.

Best Print Ads of 2021

1. “Pour one for 2021” by Miami Ad School students

Miami Ad School students created this amazing ad campaign for the vodka brand Absolut. It consists of six creative media assets, each with a different label for an Absolut bottle:

1. “Absolut Party. 2021 a year with parties with more than 20 people.”

2. “Absolut restore. Climate action 2021.”

3. “Absolut-ely done with 2020.” 

4. “2021 Absolut virus free world equality climate restoration economic stability world peace.”

5. “The Absolut way to get over the misery of 2020.”

6. “Absolut uncertainty is okay because we at least have vodka 2021.”

2. “Versus” by Humano

Bolivia’s national soccer team, known as the “green” team, is nowhere near the best. Even still, their fans faithfully watch them play the world’s most popular sport. Senda Verde is an 18-year-old animal refuge NGO in Bolivia that cares for and rehabilitates abused animals. In light of Copa América Brasil 2021, the advertising agency Humano wanted to ask Bolivia’s soccer fans which “green” they would support.

Humano designed creative adverts that display a green Bolivian soccer jersey at the top, a green-colored animal that can be found in the refuge at the center, and a white flag at the bottom that says, “Become a fan of those who do not have fans.”

3. “GPS” by Leo Burnett

For the 80th anniversary of Jeep® in 2021, the creative agency Leo Burnett Paris imagined a print campaign celebrating the spirit of freedom. The greatest explorers, pioneers, and adventurers rely on the stars to guide them—and so does Jeep®. Thanks to their sunroof, Jeep® models offered an onboard navigation system before GPS even existed.

This print ad example depicts a starry sky framed by a sunroof taken from inside a Jeep® with the headline: “Onboard navigation system since 1941.”

5 Tips for Creating the Best Adverts

Now that we’ve reviewed a few of the best print ads of 2021 that are smart advertising examples, here are some tips to keep in mind that make print ads effective.

1. Be Concise.

With most ads, you want to get your message across quickly because attention spans are short. Skilled copywriters can communicate a compelling message in a few words. Work hard to edit down the copy, so it concisely conveys what you’re trying to say. 

2. Keep it simple.

You don’t need to fill every corner of the page with content. The best print advertisements use white space effectively and aren’t overly ornate – unless it’s intentional. When you give the creative advert breathing room, it increases readability.

3. Use powerful headlines.

Grab readers’ attention with engaging headlines, persuading them to keep reading. Some of the best ads to analyze rely heavily on memorable headlines. For example, if you read the headline “Just Do It,” you likely know the brand behind the ad.

4. Appeal to emotion.

Think about creating an emotional connection with readers, so they feel aligned with your brand and its message. The “Versus” campaign is a great print ad example that appeals to emotion.

5. Draw the eye.

Although you should keep things simple and concise, that doesn’t mean boring or bland. We’re all about adding a little cherry on top. Include a visual element that will leave a lasting impression.

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