Case Study


As the Park Hyatt Toronto re-opened following a multi-year renovation, the brand entrusted Bonus Track with building a creative content and influencer relations strategy to help them launch in a meaningful and grand manner.

The Ask

In 2021, the restored Park Hyatt Toronto was preparing to announce its re-opening, however the luxury travel market looked vastly different than it had just four years earlier due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Global travel for leisure and business was on pause and for Park Hyatt Toronto to launch in a meaningful and grand manner, the hotel needed to showcase its unique value propositions to Canadians - and more specifically Torontonians - through compelling content. Park Hyatt Toronto tasked Bonus Track with creating and building a community across social channels.

The work

In order to maximize Toronto’s awareness and drive engagement around the reopening of the iconic hotel, Bonus Track made a strategic decision to focus on all touch points of the hotel including the notable Writers Room bar, and the new Joni restaurant as separate brand voices to cater to each space and its target audience. To build the online presence, Bonus Track treated each pillar as its own destination for content development and audience engagement. The work included: Content Direction and Strategy, Creative Team Building and Casting, Onsight Photography and Styling, Influencer Relations, Engagement for content creation to leverage as models for cross channel exposure to tap like-minded audiences, and Onsite and overnight experiences for organic social coverage

The result

Through compelling and engaging content, the dedicated social accounts increased its following by over 200% in just four months.


Working with notable influencers and tastemakers as models for content provided Park Hyatt Toronto with double exposure to meet new audiences - though ownable content for its own channels and leveraging existing audiences through influencer partners.